Saturday, January 28, 2012

not doing well

My blog entries are getting shorter. This is because I'm actually dictating them now. My left arm left hand left leg are so bad that I really can't stand it to type anymore.
It should be understood this surgery should relieve some of the symptoms. But I am also risking a lot of things with this surgery. I may be in a wheelchair or have to use something else before I know it. I have decided that I should no longer be driving given my symptoms. This is not easy for me to accept that at 28 i am like a life alert commercial. I am not comfortable with how I appear in public right now.
i am slightly embarrassed about the fact that my legs do not work like I want them to. I have fallen over three
times in the last two days. And then I had trouble picking myself up. The activities that I can do right now are very limited.
This week will be spent in appointments and with family. Surgery has been scheduled for Thursday now. I believe there is a get together tomorrow at bill Bateman's. This will be the last opportunity really to see me before surgery. I am no longer capable of doing things on last minute notice. Please help me out and give me plenty of notice if you want to stop by or do anything.


katieicunurse said...'re 28 years old and, as you wrote before, your heart is still beating so, you will continue fighting.
Your big, beautiful, amazing,loving,genuine,giving,caring heart is still beating...and, everyone who knows you is grateful to God everyday that it continues.
Whatever you need from the people who love & care about you to keep get to 29 years will get.
You are not alone...not ever.

BentBlog said...

John, you have a lot of people in your corner. I hope to be a strong fighter like you continue to be.