Friday, January 27, 2012

The Situation/plan

The tumor has grown. No news there. I need to make it clear this is our plan. There are still a lot of risks and there is no guarantee this will work. We're pursuing our best options at this point. I am convinced this is the best course of action given the situation. The plan now is that Dr. Q will perform surgery next Friday. Surgery will not remove all the cancer cells, but will be used to reduce the symptoms and buy me the time i need to see what treatment may be effective.
After I heal from surgery. I will resume using the device from Boston in conjunction with a new chemotherapy drug called CCNU. CCNU has some side effects which will be difficult to tolerate. Eventually, we will add another drug called Avastin into the therapy regimen. Avastin is a drug which has had success in preventing swelling and growth with tumors like mine. We did not opt for it initially because the side effects, include an inability to have blood clot properly. Avastin could have prevented me from pursuing surgery and other options in a timely manner. This also why it will not be implemented immediately after surgery.
I should be out of the hospital tomorrow.


ddbmc said...

One day at a time! Seizures suck!
Love, hope, hugs and prayers! Dede

Paul Lanciaux said...

John - you don't know me, but let me introduce myself. You see, your father was a student of mine when I taught at King Philip Junior High in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Bruce was in the 8th grade and among the all time best classes that I have ever taught in my forty-two years of teaching. I clearly recall his winning personality, his great smile [and full head of hair]. He always struck me as a potential leader, and of that, I am certain he has become.
So, you may ask why am I writing this to you?
It was just today that I read some entries in your blog...and from what I read, you have inherited the same leadership qualities from your Dad. He may not have realized it in the 8th grade and high school, but he was a role model for many students, and I might add, for many teachers too. You have become a role model for so many people as you face this struggle. Know that you will be in my prayers as well as being mentioned by name in our church in Cumberland, Rhode Island this Sunday. You will be remembered in special prayers next Friday.
Paul Lanciaux

Sarah said...

Keep fighting. Your journey is far from over. As a patient of Dr. Q's, I know he will win the battle with that beast next Friday and take it into his lab. The device, surgeries, chemo therapy are all temporary until Dr. Q finds the cure. Keep fighting, keep holding on.

Jackie Dunkel said...

Hi. John - you have been in our thoughts and prayers daily. In Phillipians 4:13 it says "we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us." We know our dear Lord is watching over you and giving you strength a little bit daily. I was going through photographs of you, Bryan, and Pat Donovan and the rest of the gang from Spalding having lots of parties at our house - Bryan thought we never knew about the parties but we did. We thank you for keeping us posted on your blog - you are a great writer with lots of courage, inspiration, and making us laugh at times. God is using you as His instrument to help others at this time. You know you are loved by many and our prayers will be with you always - so keep up the good fight - God has this protective hedge over you - He has alot more for you to do in this world - God bless you John today and always - love Jackie & Scott Dunkel