Thursday, October 15, 2009

I finished the Marathon in a time of 3:40:45. It was a big day for me because it marked the end of the most difficult period of time thus far in my life. It finally felt like I was able to put some of the things that had happened in the past year behind me. I like to think that I kept the "why me" moments to a minimum during this time period. I will confess that I felt like somethings had been taken from me when all of this happened. I now feel as though I am better off than I was when this tumor presented itself. I may not have all my hair back, but I found out a lot about myself. I also found out how many good friends I have.
Tomorrow I will be turning over all of the donations that you sent me. I have not totaled the amount yet, but I think I eclipsed $5000! I'd like to thank all of you for your contributions. You may not fully understand how much it means to me. I was reminded this week about why I was raising funds. A man that I met during my radiation treatments named Jimmy Schwab did not win his fight with his brain tumor. I did not know he had passed in June. He went right after me on the radiation machine everyday. I saw him everyday that I had treatment and he was always in a better mood than I was. While I am saddened by the news of his death, it makes me all the more appreciative of how much support people gave. Treatment has come a long way but there is still a long way to go.
Your money will save someone who is a parent, a sibling, a child, or a friend to someone. You invested your money in a research team that I fully believe will have a hand in finding a cure to cancer.
So from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It has been a whole year

It may surprise some of you to know that I will be running in the Baltimore Running Festival Marathon on October 10, 2009. I hope that some of you will sponsor me in this event in order to raise money for brain tumor research.

For those of you who are not aware, finishing a marathon has been a goal of mine for sometime. I was training for the 2008 Baltimore Marathon when I literally ran into some bad news. One year ago today I was running in preparation for the race when I collapsed due to a seizure.

Doctors discovered a malignant tumor in the right frontal lobe of my brain. Eight days later I underwent brain surgery and the tumor was successfully removed. The results of my pathology report required me to complete radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment was a long and difficult process but, it is not nearly as tough as it was even five years ago.

Brain tumors like the one I had require different treatment methods than other forms of cancer. That is why it is important that specialized research groups get funds and donations directly. My surgeon Dr. Alfredo QuiƱones-Hinojosa, is a member of a research team at Johns Hopkins which works towards developing innovative methods for treating brain tumors. This group is responsible for some of the only methods effective in treatment of brain tumors. Further information about the group can be located at:

I received overwhelming support in my fight against cancer from so many different people. Since it seems as though I may have won my battle, I am asking that you direct your support to a cause that can help many others get to where I am. Any donation toward this goal would be most appreciated.


John Petrovick
Cell- 443-527-5402

Please make checks payable to "Johns Hopkins." In the memo part of the check, please write Dr. Quinones Stem Cell Research. Those of you wishing to contribute can send donations to me at:
704 Rusack Ct.
Arnold, MD 21012

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I'm not sure how many people are still reading, so maybe I'm just talking with myself. I just want to thank everyone for the support I have received. Unless I have made a mistake in my count, I am finally finished with my chemotherapy. This was the last portion that was part of my treatment plan.
I cannot say enough about the friends and family I have. I would not have been able to do this without you. Those who supported me the most saw me in my lowest moments and pulled me through them. I owe all of you something I can never pay back.
I am so wiped out right now I really don't think I have had a chance to let this moment sink in.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I don’t mind bragging about what I just did. I finished a semester of law school which I never believed I would do over again. I never told anyone else but I was lying if I said I knew I could do this. Some people doubted whether I had what it took to get into law school to begin with. I won’t finish number 1, but after what I’ve been through this school year it doesn’t matter. I know that there is not a person on this earth that I can’t stand toe to toe with when it comes to determination. I owe that to all of you. It may not seem like any big deal to anyone else but one semester of law school is now the proudest moment in my life.
I don’t mind telling everyone that I cried for a half an hour when I turned my last exam in. The support I got from everyone was unbelievable. Your assumptions that I could do this drove me to this accomplishment. I stood on all of your shoulders to reach what I could not have done by myself.
I still have some a long way to go before I can say I am fully recovered but this is an unbelievable achievement for me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting there

I finished my first chemo treatment and I must admit that it was a real challenge. I felt pretty crummy for most of the treatment. It is nice to get one done and only have 5 left to go. Classes are starting to really pick up. I am excited to have spring break in a few weeks.
I said that I would be doing some fundraising soon but one of my friends beat me to the punch. There is a 5k Race in Washington DC called the “Race for Hope”. This race is held in effort to raise funds to support brain tumor patients. My friend Laura Hertzman is running in the race. She is running on a team associated with a few of her friends. If any one wants information or would like to contribute funds the team website is:

I will not personally run in this race. I will be going to DC to support those that are running. I still plan on doing fundraising before I run in the Baltimore Marathon in the fall. But this is an excellent opportunity to do something in the mean time. Thanks in advance everyone.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home Stretch

I am nearing the end of my treatments. I am going to start my final chemo treatments soon. These are 6, 5 day treatments, spread over 6 months. The prognosis has been great so far. My follow up scan looked great according to my Doctors.
I resumed classes a little more than a month ago. I love my schedule and teachers. Mostly I love being back.
I'm not sure if anyone is still following this blog. But for those of you who are keep others posted and watch for updates regarding my completion of treatment. I will also be doing some fundraising in the future, so watch for that.
thanks everyone