Thursday, February 9, 2012


Visitors are really tough right now. My days are full with therapy sessions and appointments so it is tough to nail down good times for visits. Therapy sessions are a trying experience because as anyone who has done them realizes it takes a tremendous physical and mental effort i need to make the most of them so visits during therapy sessions wont work to get then done. Maybe headed to rehab Facility tomorrow which would be a good thing because they have facilities to teach the skills I need to be able to go home. It won't be fun or easy Think of it like an intervention type experience they'll put me in the bad spots i could end up in by myself. And then teach me how to safely cope. My goal is to come out more confident and capable than I went in.


ddbmc said...

One second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time. You are the strong person you are because of the fires that have forged you!

John, the love and support that surrounds you in your journey to recover, is amazing! One can only hope that in our own hours of need, we are bolstered by the magnitude of friends and family who hold you in the palms of their hands and hearts.

In sharing your thoughts, we are able to truly understand the rough road you travel. We feel the bumps, the skids and see the red and green lights you encounter. We won't be able to push all the rocks out of your way, or fill all the pot holes or fix the flats, but we'll try damn hard! In the words of Jerry Garcia-"Keep on Truckin'!" We'll be standing right along the road to fill your tank with hope and love.

katieicunurse said...

"the best way out is always through"
-R. Frost

Sarah said...

Faith is doubting your doubts. Stay strong.

katieicunurse said...

It's just become February 14th...I wanted to be among first to wish Happy Valentines Day to a man with the most amazing heart & mind I know.
The world is a better place because you are in it John.