Friday, February 3, 2012

Surgery delayed

Just talked To dr. Q weaned we postponed surgery until 7 am Monday morning. I will be in the hospital until then. I'm not thrilled about that part. As I posted yesterday I had 3 seizures 2 which were terrifying my leg and arm were barely working yesterday. There has been significant improvement since yesterday. Dr. Q felt lthat my brain was likely in turmoil after those two events. He felt the meds I am now on in the hospital and the improvement signified that my brain was in a bit of turmoil and we would likely get a better result if we let things settle down. He is also just back from Peru and was trying to shuffle my operation today into a full OR schedule. I'd rather have the first op on Monday morning with a fresh dr Q then him scarmbling to get me a chance in a crowded OR after a week of travel.
Watching the pats take the title in the hospital is not ideal. But nothing is these days is ideal so I'll deal. I'm much more open to visitors now since my condition has improved. Just let me know before u decide to stop by so I can make sure I don't have too many at once. Treats except caffiene are welcome as well.I'm also not very entertaining


Nat said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. I'm not ordinarilly a Pats fan, but will be rooting for them on Sunday - and not just because I dislike the Giants more. So cool about the Brady call, btw.

asd said...

not entertaining? eli's wedding, you + keg in the walk-in freezer = 3rd best moment of my life, behind only my wedding day and sim's birth. i love you brother