Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Training time

It was brought to my attention that we have under 90 days now until the half marathon on October 15. There are also other options in the baltimore running festival for those of you who are concerned about doing the half. The relay is an option that i know is a great way to put together a team while limiting the distance for each person.
The ideal training time to start from 0 is about 90 days. So we're already a little behind if you haven't started training yet, then time is now! We still have plenty of time to get everyone to the goal. The important thing to remember when starting is that distance is always more important than pace. As you go along picking up the pace will come because you'll be in better shape and much better equipped to add some speed. Remember the goal in all of this is to finish the distance; I hate to say it none of us are gonna win this thing.
There are 2 kinds of runs during training.
Maintenance runs= runs you do either 3 or 4 times a week (Mon.-Fri.)
Stretch Runs= runs you do once a week to push the distance you are doing. It is preferable to do these on Saturdays so you can allow proper time to hydrate the night before, eat/hydrate the morning of, and then relax/ice afterwards.
Here is the training Schedule that I recommend. Once again I am not a trainer so adjust this as needed.

July 18-22 maintenance run- 1 mile; July 23- 2 miles
July 25-29 maintenance run- 1mile; July 30- 3 miles
Aug. 1- 5 maintenance run- 2 miles; Aug. 6- 4 miles
Aug. 8-12 maintenance run- 2 miles; Aug. 13 - 5 miles
Aug. 14-18 maintenance run- 3 miles; Aug. 20 - 6 miles
Aug. 22-26 maintenance run- 3 miles; Aug. 27- 4 miles
Aug. 29- sept 2 maintenance run- 3 miles; Sept 3- 7 miles
Sept. 5- Sept. 9 Maintenance run- 4 miles; Sept.10- 8 miles
Sept. 12- Sept. 16 Maintenance run- 4 miles; Sept. 17- 9 miles
Sept. 19- Sept. 23 Maintenance run- 4 miles; Sept. 24- 5 miles
Sept. 25- Sept. 29 Maintenance run- 4 or 5 miles; Sept. 30- 10 miles

I recommend at least one week of scaling everything down before the race in order to let your body be 100% on race day but some people may need 2 weeks. You're maintenance runs should be 3 miles, no more than 3 times a week.

Don't worry about the fact that the schedule does not go all the way up to the full 13.1 miles. If you stick to the schedule and are capable of doing the 10 miles before hand you will have enough to get 13 on race day I'm sure of it. It is very rare for anyone to train all the way up to the full distance for any long race.

Here are a couple of tips to start off.

DO NOT skimp on shoes; it is always tempting to go to a discount store and try to get cheap running shows or to get the wrong size because they're on sale. Don't do this, you'll pay for it at some point during training; There are some good running stores that will get you fitted and tell you which type of running shoes are ideal for you (they will always tell you the most expensive ones are the best). You don't need to opt for the most expensive model but don't go for the cheapest either.

Stretch, Ice, hydrate and eat:
This sounds like the most basic advice in the world but taking 10-15 minutes before and after to stretch will allow your joints and muscles to feel much better during runs which ultimately allows for better form. If something hurts after a run, then put ice on it for 20 minutes. It makes a huge difference. After my long runs I actually take ice baths; if you can handle them they make a huge difference.

Allow 20-30 minutes before a run to hydrate/eat something; it really will help you to make it through runs.

I'll post at least one training tip a week with my usual post.

Anyone who has any questions should feel free to ask me. Good luck


buffy said...

I will start tomorrow!

Caroline said...

I'm in. Almost 2 weeks of training under my belt. Thanks for putting together this schedule! 88 days!

Caroline said...

Holy cow. I am registered for the half. Yikes!!

Caroline said...

Year 2. I'm doing it again and thinking of you every step of the way. I love you and miss you so much.