Thursday, July 7, 2011

Test Results

I just got back from a Doctor's appointment. The doctor had my oncology reports which was unexpected. The results were not good. Last time I was diagnosed with a stage 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma which is serious and fairly aggressive tumor. This time I am facing a stage 4 Glioblastoma which is a more aggressive and faster growing tumor. This is as high a grade of brain tumor as there is. I will be forced to undergo a regiment of chemotherapy again. I will be taking a drug called Temodar. This is the same form of chemo I took last time. Most likely I will take it for 5 days in a row each month for approximately a year. The good news is that there is no sign of the tumor remaining but this also means that there is not really a way to tell how effective the chemo is on the cancer cells. It is not likely I will be doing radiation this time, which is a good thing because that was the part of treatment which was devastating last time.
I'd just be lying if I said I was fine with all of this. I did this once though and I'll do it again, this time I have the advantage of having a better idea of what is ahead of me. This part of the process is the real grind and this is where I'll need all of you to help me more than ever. I am reluctant to take help so please be insistent. Not sure I am really up for talking about it because it is a little hard right now. The good news is that surgery was incredibly successful, there is no sign of the tumor remaining right now, but this is the problem with a glioblastoma; it is something which cannot be predicted about when it may recur. I am not exactly sure when we're going to get started on chemo but it should be in the next two weeks. I plan on trying to get on with my life as normally as possible during this process; last time I completed a semester of law school and trained for a marathon while going through this process. So I intend on doing somethings and beating this again.


Caroline said...

Love you brother.

Anne Bombard said...

You are incredible John!!! Your strength is inspiring. I've got my entire family praying for you and your family and for a fast recovery! Get it Petro :)

buffy said...

You inspire us and so many people. We are all here to lean on--so lean.
I love you.

Amanda said...

We all love you like you're our own brother. Thinking of you and your strength every day and when you have none you can have mine.

Lots of love!

ddbmc said...


We hope to give back to you, what you've always given to others-help, hope, joy, laughter and love!

You are the son and brother who is adored; the grandson who is doted upon; the nephew who is admired; the cousin who is looked up to; the friend who embraces and is embraced by all.

You are our hero in the battle royal of life. You've shown courage where others would have faltered. Toughness where others would have dissolved into weakness. You persevere in your journey, though you know not where it will lead you.

We believe in you! We pray for you in the fight of your life. We are honored to know you and love you!

Dede and Mark McMenamy

james s said...

Will be praying that you crush this deal even faster than last time. Good luck with everything!