Monday, July 18, 2011

This only takes a minute

Hey Everyone--

I really want to thank you guys for doing everything you have done for me so far. I want to say again, You really are the best collection of friends that I could ask for.

I hate to keep asking you guys to do stuff, but I'm going to, particularly when it comes to supporting research causes. My doctor has been up front with me in saying that I'm the underdog in this fight. I am confident that my treatment will work, but it is not a cure. My Doctor and I have discussed this in terms of it being a chronic condition. I really hope I won't have to, but the reality is that even if my chemotherapy is successful, I may have to deal with a brain tumor again in my life. The reason I tell you this is because I want to stress how important the research aspect of everything is to me at this point. I fully believe that it is possible to find a cure to cancer within our lifetime. Below is an email from the Livestrong foundation and essentially it is asking for support in signing a letter to the UN.

Did you know that six out of 10 deaths globally come from diseases you can't catch like cancer? And that we can prevent millions of these deaths with tools we already have?

This September, world leaders are meeting for a historic UN Summit on cancer and other non-communicable diseases. I just signed onto LIVESTRONG's open letter calling on world leaders to make the world's top killers a top priority.

Will you add your name as well?

If we can get 100,000 signatures before the summit, LIVESTRONG will hand-deliver the letter to the UN Secretary General and key Heads of State.


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