Monday, June 13, 2011

Same story just a different date

So once again, I was running, I had a seizure, I was taken to a hospital, I had an MRI and they discovered a tumor. It is a smaller tumor in a similar spot. The difference is this one may be a little more intertwined with blood vessels and the part of my brain involved with motor function but the treatment plan seems to be the same. Surgery is scheduled tentatively for Monday June 21st. I think I will be headed home today probably to my parents. Visitors are all welcome just let me know in advance so I know to be home. Text either me or my sister her #401-359-7727. If you don't hear back from me I may be asleep. The only thing is sick people should probably wait til after surgery to come because I don't want to catch anything that may delay surgery and my sister's new baby is there as well. Not up for talking yet but texts and e-mails are most welcome. Thanks for all the love see you soon.

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f3c120bc-962c-11e0-a7b9-000bcdcb2996 said...

do u mean Mon 20th or Tuesday 21st of June