Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pardon my confusing texts

I have gone from a very regimented schedule to doing virtually nothing all day. a side effect of all of this is that I have completely lost track of dates and days of the week so I probably have sent some confusing textxs regarding visiting dates and times to people. Bear with me. I am lucid. that being said I am leaving for the beach tomorrow morning and coming back friday morning so obviously the only people here to visit will be my mother and sandy. While they appreciate company, visiting for the next few days may not be as exciting. Thanks for everything everyone, feeling better every day.


buffy said...

I don't know about that post--Sandy and I can be lots of fun!

ddbmc said...

I agree with your mom! We've had lots of fun with her and Sandy-(AND we ALMOST had the cutest waiter in the Chart House, wait our table!!!)

So glad to hear you are doing better.

Don't know which beach you are headed to, (or if you've returned!) My son is actually in OC,MD right now, so if you see (or hear most likely) some loud surfin' dude, hootin and hollerin' out on the waves, he probably belongs to me!

Hugs from your mom's friend,

Dede Mc