Friday, September 26, 2008


We got to see John tonight. I asked him how he felt and in John fashion, he replied, "Spectacular." He's tired and drugged, but looks great for someone who just underwent brain surgery. He's in ICU, so please don't send flowers b/c there really isn't room and they aren't allowed.
His sense of humor is intact and he's moving his hands with ease at the moment (one of the concerns of the surgery). We'll have to wait and see what the next few days and weeks bring, but right now things are looking good.


Heather said...


It is such great news to hear about your wonderful progress! You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers every day. Keep up the spectacular attitude :)


Anonymous said...

You continue to be in my prayers everyday. I'm so glad surgery went well. I'm anxious to see you again next summer out at Pusser's while you hold your bucket of beers that looks a lot like a bucket of fried chicken! Take care buddy! Keep smiling :)

-Brittany Mona