Friday, September 26, 2008

No Sweat

Just waking up and getting ready to head down to Baltimore. The news that USC choked was a pleasant surprise this morning. Things are already looking up!
I couldn't ask for my friends and family to have been any better throughout this experience. Everyone keep it up and there's no way that this will turn out anyway but perfect.
There should be news about how everything is going around 6 tonight. My mom or sister will update the blog and will have my phone. I will be asking Josh Grogis and Kyle Dixon to keep my friends in the loop for the most part.
Can't wait to see everyone on the other side of this. Thanks again!


Buffy and Sandy said...

We leave for the hospital in 30 minutes.

Everything possible is working in John's favor. The right doctor, right hospital, the love and support of his family and all of you and of course John.

The procedure begins about 1 PM or so as of now. Should be over about dinner time.

Kyle Dixon and Grogus will probably be as up to date as anyone. But is you want to call me (Sandy) at 703-582-4356 after 6 PM I will try to catch you up if possible.

A new blog will be posted but it might be late tonight or tomorrow before it gets up.

Hopkins does not permit flowers or plants.

We love him.

Buffy and Sandy

jbeg23 said...

We are all praying for you John. My mom has all of the Jesuits in Sacramento praying for you too.
Jess Gaither