Wednesday, April 25, 2012

During radiation, John surpassed all expectations.   By the time he completed radiation on April 6, he was using the walker comfortably and beginning to be comfortable with just a cane. Last week he started to have back pain and could not get comfortable.  On April 12, he had a spine x-ray which showed no tumors or cysts.  They treated the back pain with heat, ice and Advil and it seemed to help. The past few weeks John's motor skills have regressed.  He is back in a wheelchair and is once again dependent.   Some of that could be attributed to after effects of radiation.  He also has some severe headaches, so they did an MRI on Saturday. The news was not what we wanted.  The disease is very aggressive and there are nodules throughout his brain and spine.  There are no surgical options. Monday after meeting with his oncologist, John was admitted to Hopkins. He is expected to be sent home tomorrow afternoon. This time in the hospital was for a "tune up" to help manage his pain. Prognosis is poor. We met with hospice today. John will be coming home tomorrow for hospice care at my mom and Sandy's. John has fought valiantly since the first tumor in 2008. He is still our hero.


PDW said...

Holding you in prayer and in the light. Since honoring my kids with your presence at Chuck E. Cheese, 6th grade social studies, and all the way to law school, you continue to be the greatest role model and true hero.

rezeeg said...

Our prayers to all of you - I've never met anybody that fights the fight like John. Hero is an understatement. Love, hugs and strength to you all. Diane

Dave S. said...

You are an inspiration to everyone who knows and loves you, and many of us who do not know you. I was one of your dad's high school teachers and have followed your illness for several months. You are an incredible role model, and I hold you in my prayers and in the light.
Dave Sumner

katieicunurse said...

You are loved.

Jes said...

You may not remember me but we went to elementary school and middle school together. Your mom was probably the favorite teacher I ever had. Ive just recently come across this blog and heard about your fight. You have inspired so many people and I will keep you in my prayers.

Jessica Shughrue

De Infami said...

John, we love you, brother. I will see you at the finish line someday.

Tom, Nanette, Trevor, Lacey, Talon and TC.

Ciggy said...

You have battled this like no other and inspired me to press on but more importantly that it's ok to slow down. I race with you in mind and your zest for life has inspired me to keep looking up through all the ups and downs this journey may bring. Peace.


ddbmc said...

"And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love
You make"~~Paul McCartney

John, you gave each and everyone who knew you, so much love and attention. You listened to all, with your entire being. Everyone who knew you, thought you were their best friend.

I watched you dote over your grandparents at their 60th Wedding Anniversary and you could not have been more attentive. This was indicative of you, as the man you had become. A thoughtful, giving soul; a caring son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend; A Fighter for Causes, who held his convictions deep. A determined individual, who fought through and despite his disease to accomplish his dreams. A man, who laughed and made others laugh. Who cried, when he needed to. You lifted all of those around you, to believe, to hope, to care. You rose above your adversity and you took us, soaring, with you. You allowed us to see the depths of your anguish. You enlightened us. We can't possibly know all that you went through, but you helped us to understand. You have carved a notch in all of our hearts and we are better for having traveled on this journey with you. God will hold you forever in the palm of his hand, as we will hold your memory with in us. You are only truly gone, when someone forgets. You will not be forgotten! God speed!