Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting there

I finished my first chemo treatment and I must admit that it was a real challenge. I felt pretty crummy for most of the treatment. It is nice to get one done and only have 5 left to go. Classes are starting to really pick up. I am excited to have spring break in a few weeks.
I said that I would be doing some fundraising soon but one of my friends beat me to the punch. There is a 5k Race in Washington DC called the “Race for Hope”. This race is held in effort to raise funds to support brain tumor patients. My friend Laura Hertzman is running in the race. She is running on a team associated with a few of her friends. If any one wants information or would like to contribute funds the team website is:

I will not personally run in this race. I will be going to DC to support those that are running. I still plan on doing fundraising before I run in the Baltimore Marathon in the fall. But this is an excellent opportunity to do something in the mean time. Thanks in advance everyone.

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