Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Since I have been home things have come along nicely. My body feels stronger everyday. I know I have said it already but to this point everything has gone better thah anyone could have imagined. As of right now I think the time line is fairly uncertain b/c recovery has been quicker than most could imagine to this point. I have a follow up appointment in two weeks which should shed some light on the situation. Right now there are not a whole lot of answers excpet that the first, most difficult step, surgery, went very well.
All visitors are welcome to come by just give some notice so that we can make sure I can give everyone some time while they are here. When you do visit feel free to structure it anyway you want. I realize that you guys are the ones with things to do. I really have nothing to do right now but sit around and heal. I think at some point today I may try to stop by Spalding to watch my cousin's football game. I think that happens at around 3.
If I don't answer phone calls i is most likely b/c I am with someone, and as I said, I like to try to make sure everyone gets to see me when they are here.
Thanks for keeping up with my status everyone

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